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MicroTech Filtration has developed a full line of very innovative, unique and proven MicroTech Coolant Filtration Systems matched to meet the ridged performance requirements of the precision grinding and machining applications found throughout the Metal Working Industry. Our products are currently being used around the world throughout the Metalworking Industry handling both water based coolants and oil on the most demanding and challenging filter applications. We have used our over 50 years of combined filtration and precision grinding experience to design and manufacture three separate and unique MicroTech product lines to handle specific filtration problems. The cellulose pre-coated MicroTech Drum Filter (MDF) for 1-10 microns, the MicroTech MediaVac Filter (MVF) and the MicroTech GravityFlo Filter (MGF) for 20 to 30 microns. Please take a few minutes to look over these exciting products in more detail below.

MDF Filter

MicroTech Drum Filter (MDF)

The MicroTech Drum Filter (MDF) is Machine Tool Coolant Filtration System developed to handle the most difficult and demanding customer applications requiring 1 to 15 micron filtration. Projects like those found in manufacture of Aircraft Engines, Ball Bearings, Carbide Cutting Tools, Glass and Ceramics and for filtering Honing and EDM oil. The MDF is a two stage vacuum element filter combining gravity settling and cellulose depth filtration into one system. The heart of the filter is the MicroTech Drum Filter Element with its exceptional performance and reliability. The cellulose slurry is automatically blended and fed into the filter coating the outside and inside filter surface of the wedge wire drum. The cellulose builds a perfect depth filter cake for filtration down to 1, 5 or 10 microns depending on the grade of cellulose selected by the customer.

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MVF Filter

MicroTech MediaVac 120-700 Filter (MVF-120-700)

The New MicroTech MediaVac Filter (MVF-120-700) is an Inclined Bed Roll Media Vacuum Filter designed to efficiently clean any water based coolant and light grinding oils up to a flow rate of 200 GPM at 15 microns.  It was developed as a small cost effective alternative to standard conveyor operated Flat Bed Roll Media Vacuum Filters. The MVF has eliminated the most common problems our customer have reported such as media tearing and poor media tracking resulting in poor filtration. On the MVF the media is efficiently drawn forward over ball bearing supported rollers by a gear motor driven media re-winder. There are no conveyor flights to scrape and rip the media as it advances across the perforated filter screen.

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MGF Photo

MicroTech GravityFlo Filter (MGF)

The MicroTech GravityFlo Filter (MGF) is a automatic operating Gravity Bed Filter for cleaning water based coolants used on Machine Tools. Sometimes these filters are called Paper Roll Filters or Flat bed Band Filters and operate by removing solids as the liquid flows through the filter media by gravity. The Campbell MGF filter system is an innovative Grinding Filtration System rated up to 100 GPM at 20/30 microns.  It is an economical option to Roll Media Vacuum Filters or Pressure Filters.

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